W B    P R O D U C T I O N S

Terms and Conditions for bookings and events

1) The Band will require a minimum of 1.5 hours to set up and 1 hour to pack down.
2) If the band is required to arrive more than 3 hours before the event start time it must be stated and may be subject to fees agreed between the client and the band. The "event" being defined as the time and activities where the band is required to operate and does not include any preceding or following affairs or supplementary occurrings.
3) A parking space close to the performance area is required for a large van.
4) Unless specified and agreed between the client and band the performance will be 2x45 minute sets.
5) Unless specified and agreed between the client and band the performance will occur no earlier than 8pm.
6) The band anticipates a finish no later than midnight. Any performance beyond this shall be subject to fees and times agreed between the band and client.
7) Refreshments in the form of a sit-down hot-meal (not buffet or light snack) and soft-drinks to be provided by the client for the band members and their crew at least 60 minutes before their first performance.
8) If food cannot be provided for the band a surcharge of 15 pounds per band member will be added to the total fee.
9) Still (non-fizzy) bottled drinking-water to be made available to the band throughout the duration.
10) Hand towels to be provided by the client for the use of the band members.
11) It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that any sound-pressure limiting devices do not impede the performance.
12) Any sound and lighting systems provided by the Band will be for the use of the band only, unless otherwise arranged with the agreement of the band.
13) The band require a space of at least 6x4x2 (WxDxH) metres as their stage/performance-area
14) It is the responsibility of the Client to make sure the band has a safe and consistent supply of electricity of 240vac up to 32A in the form of at least 4 standard 13A mains outlets from the same electrical-phase.
15) The Client must protect the band and equipment from the elements, ie, water/rain, wind, snow, extreme hot/cold, etc.
16) It is the responsibility of the client to conform to any regulations or laws required in respect of live entertainment/performance and to obtain any necessary licenses or permits needed for this event.
17) Anything required by the client in addition to our standard contact will also be subject fees and conditions to be agreed between both parties.
18) The client must ensure that their guests or audience must keep a safe distance from the stage or performance area and are not able to come into contact with the bands equipment without permission and prior agreement.
19) The client will be liable for any injury to band members and/or damage to their equipment arising from negligence or failure to take reasonable precautions in providing a safe working environment. This also includes any damage incurred as a result of a defective or unsuitable electricity supply, whether mains or generator.
20) If the event is not able to take place at the stated venue or the stated date it will be considered cancelled. Therefore, postponing and/or relocating the event will be considered cancellation unless both parties agree otherwise.

By sending back a signed contract you confirm your agreement with the band and the booking will be subject to approval by the band. Any deposit made is non refundable in order to secure the date. In the event of cancellation by the client the following charges will apply: Less than 4 months of the event 20% of total fee. Less than 2 months of the event 40% of total fee. Less than 28 days of the event 50% of total fee. Less than 14 days of the event 60% of total fee. Less than 7 days of the event 80% of total fee. Less than 24 hours of the event 100% of total fee.